Success Stories


"Since coming to see Dr. Lund, I no longer have to take the four Advil I took every night just to go to sleep. And I sleep through the night consistently which I haven't done in 10 years. The ringing in my ears is also improved. It's amazing what a difference it makes. It's one of those things you don't realize how irritating and distracting it is until it goes away. Plus, I can hear much better. No more asking people to repeat themselves or having to blast the radio or TV. Thanks, Dr. Lund!" -Angela M.

"I feel like I'm in a different body!"  Cupertino chiropractor helped!

"For about 10 years I was unable to move my head without neck pain and feeling out of alignment. Also, I had developed allergy problems that caused sinus pressure and headaches. After three visits to Dr. Lund, I can move my head in a complete circle with no discomfort and can breathe with no difficulty. I look forward to continuing my sessions with Dr. Lund - I feel like I'm in a different body!" -Stephanie D.

I no longer use my inhaler!

"I was having problems breathing for about two years. Doctors thought it might be asthma and prescribed an inhaler to control my breathing. I was under chiropractic care with another chiropractor for pain and tension, but had no relief of my breathing difficulties. I was never told that chiropractic could benefit my condition. When I started seeing Dr. Lund, I began seeing improvements in my breathing. I was using the inhaler less and less until I did not have to use it at all anymore. Dr. Lund's specific adjustments to the area of my spine that controls my breathing has helped me breathe normally without using the prescription drug inhaler." -Aurelia M.

"I was told I just had to live with the Pain"

"I have had headaches since I was a child that only got worse as I got older. I have tried heat, ice packs, massages, Tylenol and prescription drugs to relieve my headaches. Some doctors told me I would 'just have to live with the pain', while others prescribed medications so strong they would knock me out. The pain was unbearable. After suffering for over 14 years I finally found relief thanks to Dr. Lund. Since I started seeing Dr. Lund, my headaches have decreased by 90%. I also enjoy the fact that I don't have to rely on drugs to relieve the pain anymore." -Donna-Lee B.

"Months without a headache!"

"This is the friendliest office I have ever been in. Dr. Lund is so caring and remembers everything about me, both personal and physical..Its always a joy to come to the office. Ive been seeing Dr. Lund for migraine and tension headaches. I now go for months at a time without one, and if I do get a headache it is not as severe as they used to be. I truly believe that Dr. Lund has made a big difference in my health." -Mary S.

Dr. Lund's adjustments work!

"There is no wait, the staff is wonderful and adjustments were made affordable. Most of all Dr. Lund's adjustments work! I was having lower back pain and daily migraines. Migraines were gone after the first adjustment and lower back pain after four weeks. I am feeling great now!" -Kazue K.

Heartburn-Free and Drug-Free For Me!

"I had problems getting a full nights rest. Sometimes I would have to rush to the bathroom from out of sleep to throw up from a bad acid reflux. Some nights I would have a series of acid reflux. I was taking several prescribed drugs to stabilize the problem. I was even encouraged by medical doctors to have a surgery that would ultimately have me worse off. Since I have been under Dr. Lund's chiropractic care, I no longer have acid reflux and I'm sleeping throughout the entire night. Chiropractic care with Dr. Lund is a way to receive healing without drugs." -Marcell G.

"I suffered Low back pain and leg pain for over seven years which kept getting worse. I was unable to sleep because of the pain. I was getting chiropractic care with another chiropractor, and acupuncture for a long time with very limited results. I was also taking Advil and Extra Strength Tylenol to try to control the pain, but nothing worked. When Dr. Lund started caring for my health, I could tell his adjustments were very specific. My lower back pain and the pain in my leg were completely gone within a few months. As a result, I am now able to sleep comfortably through the night without waking up. As an added bonus, Dr. Lund's adjustments also helped me with my sinuses, allergies and breathing problems I had had almost all my life. I feel so much better. I am now able to breathe normally, and my jaw feels better too!" -Lou G.

Cupertino chiropractor Dr. Lund: Improved Quality of Life!

"I have suffered migraines for 18 years, ranging from moderate to severe in nature. For eight of those years I was getting the migraines every single day. Some of the past treatments I went through were Prescription Medication, Biofeedback therapy, Physical Therapy, as well as Chiropractic care, none very successful. I decided to give chiropractic a second chance! I'm glad I did! I'm very pleased with my treatments. I feel much better, my Neck and Back problems are much improved, and my Headaches and Migraines have Decreased Substantially. I am now able to live pain-free. I enjoy life much more than when I was in excruciating pain! Thanks so much for your wonderful care and special attention. You have made a big difference in the quality of my life!" -Suzy S.

Back to Full-Time Work for the First Time in 5 Years!

"All my life I have suffered from Migraines and severe heartburn to the point of nausea. Many of my afflictions I have suffered from birth. I no longer have migraines and I am no longer on medication for them. So far I have also been able to avoid surgery for my hiatal hernia. With Dr. Lund's excellent care, I know I'll soon be able to come off all my meds. I am already 110% better and have more energy to do things than ever before. I am even back to work Full-Time for the first time in 5 years! Thanks a million Doc!" -R.J. P.

Sceptic in severe PAIN for 10 years!

"I was the worlds biggest pessimist about chiropractors. I have gone 33 years with scoliosis and 10+ years with severe neck and back pain. I would rather deal with my discomforts than having my back worked on. Finally, after the birth of my third child, my back was in such pain that my husband put me in the car and made me see Dr. Lund. Within two weeks my pain was gone and I have gained new friends in Dr. Lund and Lilly....I am a convert!" -Judy P.

My friend recommended I see Dr. Lund!

"Before beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Lund, I was having headaches, backaches, sinus problems and heartburn. I never pursued chiropractic care until my friend recommended that I see Dr. Lund. Since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Lund I have been in a better mood physically as well as emotionally. I haven't used products like Benadryl...I am very happy with the results of how I feel now. I thank Dr. Lund for it all!" -Tracy C.

No Drugs since starting chiropractic care w/ Cupertino chiropractor Dr. Lund

"Treatments have eliminated chronic tension headaches. I used to have to take Advil or Tylenol three to four days every week for headaches. I have not needed any drugs since treatment began." -Kirsten K.

Drug-Free Health Maintenance

"This is a drug-free method of stress and tension reduction, and health maintenance." -Anne A.

CHEST PAIN GONE, Decreased Headaches

dr. lund at homestead chiropractic is awesome! so friendly and personable, not to mention a fantastic chiropractor. i've been seeing him for over a year, and i no longer have chest pains (which i had chronically before starting w/ dr. lund), and my heartburn and headaches are greatly reduced. i would highly recommend him. -Caitlin B.

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  • "This is the friendliest office I have ever been in. Dr. Lund is so caring and remembers everything about me, both personal and physical..Its always a joy to come to the office."
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